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EAMS Global is a specialist engineering and technology company that focuses on the delivery of integrated enterprise asset management solutions to various industries across the globe. Since our establishment in 2014, we have developed a host of value adding asset management technologies, software tools and asset management processes, and combined these to offer integrated packaged solutions to our global client base. We deliver best in class solutions in various industries, balancing asset and business performance, risk and maintenance spend.

EAMS Global

EAMS has built a global footprint with offices and partner representation in North America, Africa and Europe. Our head office and development center is in Miami, Florida and we have partnerships with various specialist organizations to extend our service offering into more continents.

We get that our client's focus is on ensuring consistency when it come to delivering their products and services to their customers. For this reason EAMS always strive to partner with our clients to ensure high reliability of their assets, limit maintenance spent to where it makes business sense and assist clients with balancing their risk and business objectives as these are often over looked.

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