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Maintenance HUB

Discover hidden insights into your machine, maintenance and production data like never before by blending operational and maintenance data from diverse data sources into a SINGLE powerful reporting dashboard and data query platform.


Includes connectivity to the ioX-Connect™ wireless sensor platform.

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Maintenance HUB allows us to combine data from different sources to create cross functional reports, and thereby giving more insights into your business/operations.


The Maintenance HUB will give you visual reports and dashboards using different BI visualization tools and allows you to drill down to specifics to make more informed decisions quickly and easily.


Maintenance HUB gives you the ability to import data from various data sources such as files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, in-house & 3rd party apps and cross correlate data from other sources with data from our solutions. 


Share and collaborate on reports and dashboards with your colleagues privately, and reach a consensus quickly.

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What is Maintenance HUB?

EAMS Maintenance HUB™ is the culmination of a number of years of development work to allow management to gain insight and make informed decisions regarding their plant and equipment based on deviations or variations from accepted parameters.

The Maintenance HUB allows us to combine data from your CMMS, ioX-Connect wireless sensor network, or existing SCADA system to create cross-functional reports,  thereby giving you more insight  into your business and the way your assets are being utilized. Share and collaborate on your dashboards with colleagues and reach an objective consensus effectively and productively.

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We now have complete visibility into downtime, and it’s much easier to record and keep tabs on it

— Sean Simon, VP of Operations

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  • Access your data from anywhere at any time from any internet enabled device

  • Link maintenance, production and equipment data across multiple sites on a single analytical platform

  • Easily create planning/ production meeting presentation to really dive into operational performance

  • Drill down into your data to see where the bottlenecks are as well as the issues to help you address them quickly with your team.

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