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Maintenance Planning as a Service

What is this service?

The EAMS Planning Service is a unique combination of technology, processes and people working collaboratively with customers to deliver fit-for-purpose maintenance solutions in order to realize value from their physical assets and operations.

We provide a highly professional management team as well as planners, schedulers and system administrators to assist our client's maintenance staff in the execution of their day-to-day activities and the management of the maintenance system. All centrally managed and administrated from an on-site planning office.


Our planning service will move you from reactive maintenance and emergency repairs to a systematic and proactive maintenance program that delivers improved equipment reliability and up-time.


No additional investment in asset and maintenance management software or mobility and productivity tools is required. Our Maintenance Planning Service is built around our own world-class technology solutions and tools that's included in this service.


Our Planning Service will effectively and efficiently track and report on all your equipment, parts and related maintenance work. We also analyze maintenance processes/ trends and turn historical data into insights of why equipment fail and how to prevent recurrence.


With a planned maintenance program, maintenance staff have control over their daily work through a proactive approach to scheduled maintenance, rather than reactively fixing equipment after unexpected failures and subsequently saving you money.

A Collaborative Effort

We do not implement and conduct our Maintenance Planning Service in isolation from our client's staff, it's a collaborative service that is integrated into the day-to-day activities at the client's site. 

Working With You

EAMS offers customers a choice of three different planning solutions

On-Site Planning & Management Service


Assist you with outsourcing your asset management /maintenance to us and we’ll look after it, giving you feedback and reports on how much uptime, availability and equipment performance was achieved. Plus we’ll manage your repairs and spares consumed.

Planning Support Service

On-Site/ Remote/ Combination

We’ll advise you, work with you and assist you with your current asset management maintenance program, and the control of spares. We’ll also facilitate your statutory risk compliance

Planning Assessment & Advisory Service

On-Site/ Remote/ Combination

We’ll demonstrate to you an approach to asset management, show you how, train your staff and let you take on the responsibility of running the asset management program yourself. We’ll take care of the reports and feedback to let you know how well its going and where the gaps are and how to get better at what you do.

Talk to us about your specific needs in outsourcing your care of your plant and equipment

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