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Asset Management Training

Training in physical asset management is somewhat controversial. Numerous quality courses are on offer, but due to the traditionally fragmented approach to physical asset management it is often difficult to select courses suitable for a specific role or company.

EAMS has spent considerable effort to develop an organisational model which also puts the various committee structures in their rightful places; all aimed at meeting the standards as set by ISO 55000.

Our training therefore clearly positions the specific courses with-in the master framework of asset management, associate it with roles (responsible as well as accountable), and recognizes legal and regulatory requirements.

EAMS eTraining

Sign up to become an EAMS Global eTraining member and you can access all our eTraining courses and download modules as you have time and as you progress. We currently only have the below courses published, but more is on the way. As a member you will be notified the moment any new courses becomes available.


Creating Business Value in Plant Maintenance and Asset Management – Practical processes and methods to reduce cost and improve effectiveness


MRO Spares Optimization - Effectively managing spares inventory levels for improved customer service, efficient maintenance planning and equipment reliability improvement.
EAMS eTraining
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CMMS Training Options

EAMS offers a variety of CMMS training solutions for our cloud-based maintenance solution CMMS. CMMS training tiers have been handcrafted to match your subscription plan. Online training programs are typically split up into several sessions to ensure end users are not overloaded with information in a single session.

We fit into your schedule!




This six hour training program is designed to kick-start your Basic CMMS rollout, by covering user setup, asset creation, work orders, scheduled maintenance, and parts planning.




A full eight hour program that covers all aspects of the Professional CMMS, including data import, user group creation, rounds, reports, and filtering.




This comprehensive 12 hour training and support program for Enterprise CMMS customers, covers multi-site setup, purchasing, and failure codes.

Systems training is one of those things that can take all forms and shapes. Depending on your team's size, dynamics and operational readiness or maturity, on-site or on-the-job training works the best. In other cases a number of remote training sessions has delivered great results.


Which ever approach you prefer, we've got you covered with on-site as well as remote training packages and solutions to get you and your team going.

Get in contact with us today, to discuss your options and the approach that will best suite your current requirements.

CMMS Training
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We are here to assist. You can also contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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