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Risk Based Strategy Development

Within EAMS we have developed an affordable solution to assist companies in optimising their maintenance plans with the use reliability centred maintenance principles. The r-PAMS (risk-based asset management system) software solution is essentially a structured RCM-style toolbox that will guide you through the process of:

  • Understanding the assets’ functions and associated performance standards.

  • Developing a maintenance-focused breakdown structure.

  • Developing task plans addressing functional failures and failure modes and causes.

The rPAMS software application provides the tools to develop realistic maintenance strategies. It adheres to the now well-known RCM approach as originally documented by Nowlan & Heap, and subsequently refined by the late John Moubray.

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Risk Based Strategy Development
System Audits

Our team has more than 60 years collective experience in asset management and business management audits across various business sectors and industries.

It is necessary to periodically measure overall status against an objective yardstick. PAS 55 has gone a long way towards establishing such a yardstick, and indications are that the new ISO 55000 standards will form the back-bone of an international asset management audit regime.

Apart from knowing one’s PAM system maturity, an objective audit is an absolute must for sensible planning of any systems improvement initiative. It is often the only way to clarify the gap between “where we are now” and “where we want to be”.

Our profound understanding of both PAS 55 and ISO 55000 is available to your company to ensure future compliance.

System Audits

Business & Asset Management

Strategy Development

Practice has taught us that numerous constraints can limit effective use of assets:

  • asset availability, 

  • reliability, 

  • safety performance and the like.

But in many cases companies cannot measure the most fundamental aspects of maintenance, such as: 

  • What is the over-all quality of job execution?

  • Are we doing the right jobs?

  • How do we break the vicious circle of running from one crisis to the next? 

  • Are we doing the work at the right / best time?

  • Are the parts replacement decisions made by our technicians sound and verifiable?

These and other considerations have led to the realisation that measured control of maintenance management (by when and by whom for example) is one of the prime aspects to be brought under control. 

Business & AM Strategy Deevelopment
Asset Management Consulting

Which-ever way we look at our organisations – the condition and operability of our physical assets is absolutely central to success and sustainability. Smart organisations are therefore taking a more holistic approach – viewing assets not just as an operational issue, but as an investment which will bring benefits and value in the longer term.

"Successful asset management has become one of the most crucial components of any organisations growth and sustainability."

Asset Management Consulting
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