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Agriculture & Farming

Wouldn't it be great to have a deep understanding of the environmental conditions affecting your crops, to prevent problems before they happen? 

We get that our client's focus is on ensuring consistency when it comes to delivering their products and services to their customers. For this reason EAMS always strive to partner with our clients to ensure high reliability of their assets, limit maintenance spent to where it makes business sense and assist clients with balancing their risk and business objectives as these are often over looked.


It's a well known fact that reactive/ unplanned maintenance can cost up to 55% more than planned/ pro-active maintenance. EAMS helps companies world-wide to establish leading Asset and Maintenance practices as well as assist our clients in proper Equipment Lifecycle management and Major Maintenance Programs through our innovative, team centered and pragmatic approach to physical asset management. 

Smart Farming now a reality

IoT represents an ever-growing network of physical objects (“things”) connected to sensors capable of network connectivity. Sensor networks automate the collection and exchange of crucial operational data from the field. Using ioX-Connect Remote Monitoring Solutions for Agriculture, growers can remotely monitor and manage crop, processing, and machinery systems from anywhere, anytime. This also means secure data recording and immediate alerts about issues before they become costly, time consuming problems.


Sensors methodically communicate information that empowers farmers (information such as soil properties variances, machine behaviours, aquatics, climate conditions, atmospheric physics & more). With remote monitoring in place, stakeholders are notified the second when conditions are met that merit fast action. Notifications and alerts are communicated directly from “things” and sensors to select stakeholders via SMS text, voice mail, email and/or web portals.

Our Services


Maintenance Software

Our Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is software that organizes, tracks and schedules your maintenance activities. It's an easy to use yet powerful cloud based asset, maintenance and inventory management solution and comes with all the features you would expect from a world-class CMMS system.


Maintenance Planning as a Services

EAMS's Service Bureau for facilities clients offers a full set of outsourced management, planning and helpdesk services.

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Wireless Monitoring

Operating a mining/ plant operation efficiently yet cost effectively is challenging. There's enough to worry about without having to expend precious resources to manually monitor things that could be automated. ioX-Connect™ is our range of integrated wireless remote monitoring solutions that connects your equipment and gives you real-time feedback.

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Asset Registers

We often take an asset register for granted – most organisations already have one of various levels of usability and depth of information – but unless you clearly understand what you are going to use it for, then there is a risk that the asset register you develop won’t meet your needs. We develop asset register audits for your specific needs.

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