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Those in charge of maintenance and physical assets of health care establishments know that the lights do not go off at five o’clock in the afternoon when the working day ends. The maintenance of a health care facility is a priority 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and equipment cannot fail.

EAMS helps health care companies to control the automation of maintenance tasks, assists with coordination between divisions, employees as well as suppliers. Our solutions can help you improve inventory management and provide you with the tools you need to better manage your facilities. Machines and equipment must operate efficiently and reliably in order to provide the necessary care to patients. Our solutions further supports many management functions that are crucial for all assets in health care facilities.


It's a well known fact that reactive/ unplanned maintenance can cost up to 55% more than planned/ pro-active maintenance. EAMS helps companies world-wide to establish leading Asset and Maintenance practices as well as assist our clients in proper Equipment Lifecycle management and Major Maintenance Programs through our innovative, team centered and pragmatic approach to physical asset management. 


Rising energy costs are causing property managers to consider smart technologies as an energy conservation strategy. But power consumption needs to be reduced without compromising proper humidity, fresh air quality, or temperature levels. Our ioX-Connect™ range of wireless monitoring solutions, does just that. Speak to us today to find out more.


Days as a healthcare facility manager can often be long and hectic. Facility Managers are required to carry out a lot of tasks day in and day out, manage risk and often, no two days are the same. As a facilities manager, you need line of sight regarding statutory requirements and compliance. You can either handle issues as they arise or address them before they become an issue through automated flagging of non-conformances or negative trends using our integrated management and monitoring solutions. 

Our Services


Maintenance Software

Our Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is software that organizes, tracks and schedules your maintenance activities. It's an easy to use yet powerful cloud based asset, maintenance and inventory management solution and comes with all the features you would expect from a world-class CMMS system.


Maintenance Planning Services

Our Bureau Service is an outsourced suite of maintenance management and planning services provided to our clients at their place of business. We provide a highly professional management team as well as planners, schedulers and system administrators to enhance our client's maintenance programs.

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Wireless Monitoring

Operating a manufacturing plant/ operation efficiently yet cost effectively is challenging. There's enough to worry about without having to expend precious resources to manually monitor things that could be automated. ioX-Connect™ is our range of integrated wireless remote monitoring solutions that connects your equipment and gives you real-time feedback.

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MRO Optimization

Our MRO Management and Optimization service aims to assist in the often under managed area of maintenance inventory. Controlling the cost for equipment maintenance and repairs requires careful management of the Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) spare parts inventory.

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Condition Monitoring

Our team of highly skilled trained and experienced technical condition assessor’s conduct in - depth condition monitoring assessments on client assets.

We offer all major forms of CBM testing, such as IR Thermal Imaging on all mechanical & electrical equipment, vibration analysis, oil and fuel sampling.

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Smart Facilities

Improve Building Performance and Awareness by bridging the gap with our intelligent wireless monitoring solutions. Download our Smart Facilities Brochure.

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