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Building and facilities

risk & Compliance Management

What is this service?

The objectives of EAMS’ building and facilities risk and compliance management services are the assurance that the building, offices, factory, stores or warehouse for which you have responsibility comply with the OHS Act as well as with regulatory standards regarding plant and equipment; lifts and elevators, HVAC installations, boilers and storage of gas or flammable liquids used in the operation of your business.


By assessing and minimising business risks associated with operation of facilities, equipment and storage we assist you to ensure that the people, systems, processes and resources that deliver operational integrity are in place, in use, and fit for purpose over the whole lifecycle of the asset.

Facility Risk Management


Ensure all your buildings & facilities are complaint with statutory & regulatory guidelines


Fulfil national & international standards and regulations


Assess your compliance with regulatory conformance to environmental standards 

Lifts & elevators

Ensuring that your lifts and elevators comply with the safety and regulatory requirements


We support every phase in the life cycle of your electrical equipment

Discover the benefits of OUR Building and facilities risk & Compliance Management

Establish Legal and SHERQ System Compliant Buildings and Facilities

All buildings, installations, equipment and materials used must meet a number of legal and voluntary requirements. We can assist you in complying with a comprehensive range of statutory and voluntary inspections to help you ensure quality, integrity, and health and safety.

Electrical Installations Certification

Electrical installations compliance and certification helps you comply with national and international standards and ensure the reliable operation of your facilities.

For your buildings, offices, factories and warehouses you need to ensure cost-effective and safe use of your electrical installations and power plants. Our assistance with your electrical installations certification services helps you to fulfil national standards and regulations. We can also help prevent power failures, ensuring the reliable operation of your facilities.

Environmental Assessments

Unfortunately, many facilities do not comply with regulatory conformance to environmental standards either in the materials used or the method of construction in managing environmental site risks. This is because environmental assessments performed with little to no intrusive sampling will generate reports offering only information already recorded for that property.


Issues such as what would happen if the property had been used, historically and possibly illegally, for the disposal of waste oil, waste products and other hazardous products? Or, if it is found to contain unregistered underground tanks and abandoned materials causing residual contamination? These details may not be revealed during the assessment process and, in most cases, are discovered only after actual development and construction had already begun.  We can assist in preventing you from facing these risks.

Lift and Elevator Certification

Ensuring that your lifts and elevators comply with the safety and regulatory requirements of South Africa/Southern Africa where you are operating in is a crucial part of gaining market access. Our lift and elevator certification services help you obtain the relevant certification you need to assure the safety, performance and integrity of your lifts.

Electrical Testing, Inspection And Certification Services – For Every Aspect Of Your Installation

We support every phase in the life cycle of your electrical equipment – from approval advice and surveyor’s reports to project coordination and controlled dismantling. We can also assist with the set-up of a quality management system or organize employee training to meet your health and safety requirements.

Lifts & Elevators
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